Injured at work? You Must Know About Work Injury Claims Now

If you are an industrial worker and suffering a physical or mental injury or trauma from your job, you are entitled to receive compensations as per the law of the your state. However, worker’s compensation systems vary from state to state in terms of coverage and the ways the compensations are received. Some states have fixed dollar amount limits for different types of injuries while other states have their compensation system based on scale or rating of injuries. It is therefore very important to understand the workman’s compensation system of your state.

How “work injury claim” works?

The work injury claim or workers’ compensation is probably your only means of receiving compensation in case you have got a health problem originated in or aggravated by your job environment. It can be physical injuries, illnesses, or may be psychological and stress related problems.

In simpler terms work injury claim is actually an insurance that provides the benefits to the workers who became sick or injured from their jobs. The payment for the insurance for each employee is to be paid by the employer and not by the employee.

The mode of compensation is more like the way people get their unemployment benefits when they are laid off or the retirees file for social security benefits. So once your injuries or illnesses are established as compensable you will be entitled to health benefits for which the payments will be made directly to the health service provider by the state authority.

For example, Texas labour code is very particular about the right of the worker to medical attentions. As long as the employer is a subscriber to the work injury claim it will pay for -

  • 1. the cost of clinical and surgical treatments,
  • 2. the hospital stay or house based healing of the patient including the charges of attendants and doctors’ visits,
  • 3. recovery of the worker till he/she is able to join the work.

How can you claim work injury compensation after an accident in your job?

While the medical benefits under the workers’ compensation law comprehensively covers the treatment and recovery expenses, many a time the challenge lies in establishing a fit case for compensation.

Because, the workers’ injury compensation assistances in Texas follow stringent evaluation and clauses and is guided by an approved panel of doctors. No treatment prescribed by a non-paneled doctor is accepted with regard to compensation.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the rules and be prompt in performing the procedures.

Reporting Your Injury Is Key to Work injury Claims

The first thing you must do after meeting with a work-related accident or illness is officially report to your supervisor by filling in the claim-form as soon as possible. If you are not sure at first but notice an illness is gradually aggravating over time, report it immediately to your supervisor if you get a clue that the reason could be your job. Failing to report a job related injury within a certain time period( usually 30 days ) may disqualify you from receiving your genuine work injury claim of the workers’ compensation benefits.

Different states have different claim-forms which are needed to be filled in by you. If not given by your employee collect the claim-form from your state’s workers’ compensation board. Typically the accident report will include questions such as -

  • the nature of the injury, including mention of the body parts affected by the injury,
  • how the accident happened,
  • names of the people involved,
  • date, time , and location of the accident,
  • immediate medical treatment you may have undergone.

The duly filled form can be mailed to the nearest office of the workers’ compensation board. Alternatively the forms can be filled online and submitted. Attach the report of the doctor whom you visited immediately after the accident. Submit to an independent medical exam, if required, and attend further hearings if any. Return to work on the basis of doctor’s advice.

In case of death of a worker due to a workplace accident or a work related injury or illness the next of kin may file for a workers’ compensation death benefit which has different procedures.


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