Strep throat is a common ailment which is apparently innocuous but can lead to complications if it is left untreated. Though strep throat mostly affects the young children of 5 -15 years of age, it doesn’t spare anyone who is a little careless in the months of fall.

A strep throat is sometimes confused with a condition with similar symptoms called sore throat but actually they are not same.

Strep Throat (Adults)

It is the scratchy, itchy feeling sometimes occurs inside our throat and snowballs into a painful burning sensation. Strep throat is a contagious disease that spreads from person to person as a bacterial infection caused by a group-A bacteria called Streptococcus pyogenes.

Strep throat happens more commonly during winter and fall and makes the rounds when an already infected person sneezes. Droplets full of bacteria fill the air and enter someone’s respiratory tract who is nearby.

You can also catch strep by touching something which is touched by the infected person and then rub your face or nose, or by kissing an infected person.

Once infected you are likely to show symptoms from after 2 to 5 days. Strep throat usually isn’t serious, but if left untreated it can turn to serious problems such as:

  • ● Rheumatic fever- a disease that can damage the joints,
  • ● Meningitis,
  • ● Pneumonia,
  • ● Abscess around tonsil and behind the throat,
  • ● Kidney problem.

Not treating your strep throat will also make you stay contagious for up to a month and a potential source for the spread of the disease.

Recurring Strep Throat

Recurring strep throat (more than seven times a year) is a rare condition which is difficult to cure by medication and even by tonsil surgery. Some people experience frequent strep throat which affect their quality of life. Below are the different causes of recurring strep throat

Antibiotic resistance

Some strep throats are adamant to go because as they show resistance to some prescribed antibiotics. For example, penicillin and cephalexin are the common antibiotics to deal with strep throat but may sometimes fail. Your doctor will change the medicines, however it is very important to complete the course of medication.

Weak Immunity of the body

Poor health or weakened immune system makes you an easy target for attack by the strep bacteria and increase the chances of recurrent incidence.

Unknown carriers

Some people are the carrier of strep bacteria which they aren’t aware of, and also they aren’t affected. We come across many such people in our professional and social life daily and get infected easily.

Reinfection through the same toothbrush

Once you are through the strep throat you must replace your toothbrush with a new one, else you might catch the bacteria again.


Your strep throat condition can be treated with prescribed antibiotic medicines from penicillin and cephalexin families. It is important to finish the course of medication.

There are certain home remedies like drinking tea with honey and lemon or gargling salt water which can improve the strep throat condition and reduce swelling.

Using vaporizer or humidifier help to soothe dry and painful sore throat and also eases congestion by adding moisture to the air.


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