Home Pregnancy Test Vs. Hospital Pregnancy Test

There are two ways you can check if you are pregnant or not -

  • ● Home pregnancy test
  • ● Hospital pregnancy test

How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests?

Although most of the home pregnancy tests claim to be 99 percent accurate but in reality the surveys find results which are not so encouraging. Because home pregnancy tests are based on urine hCG level test which is a less accurate process than blood hCG test. Also they can’t differ if the increased hCG is due to some fertility drug or pregnancy.

A number of those home pregnancy tests have been found to be not enough sensitive to diagnose pregnancy in women who have just missed a period. Tests taken at least a week after you missed a period are expected to give better results.

A false positive is a misleading condition when the result from a home pregnancy test comes positive when actually you are not pregnant. Although very rare a false positive is possible if you had a pregnancy loss last time soon after the fertilized egg attached to your uterine lining or if the pregnancy test is taken too soon after taking a fertility drug that contains hCG. Other reasons for false positive may include ectopic pregnancy, menopause, and some ovary related problems.

A false negative is another misleading condition when negative result comes from the pregnancy test when actually you are pregnant. This is a more likely possibility than false positive.

Although most antibiotics and birth control pills do not affect the home pregnancy test results, some medicines that contain hCG and some fertility drugs are reported to interfere with home pregnancy test results. In simpler words a home pregnancy test will result positive if there is hCG in the blood, even if it is due to consumption of fertility drugs and not due to pregnancy.

All in all, home pregnancy tests are not fully reliable, and especially difficult for a first time pregnant woman to feel sure of her pregnancy test results. Some woman may not be able to carry out the test properly. All these confusions are bound to raise the anxiety level in a woman.

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Hospital Pregnancy Test

Hospital pregnancy test is a confirmed way of knowing the correct pregnancy result and hence are more assuring and decisive. Hospital pregnancy test is a fast and easy process of pregnancy detection which performs a simple blood test.

The doctor takes your blood sample and checks the blood hCG level.The advantage of hospital pregnancy test is that it can determine whether the source of hCG in the blood is placenta or a fertility drug.

Another advantage is that it is possible to correctly determine the date of pregnancy and the most probable date of delivery.

Which Pregnancy Test Is Best For Early Detection?

A pregnancy blood test is the method for fastest detection of pregnancy. It doesn’t require one to wait for the missed period. It can detect pregnancy within 2-3 days from implantation. You can take a pregnancy test in a hospital after you have had implantation bleeding. However, it is wise to wait for a week after the due date of period for the result to be most accurate. A pregnancy blood test in a hospital can give you result much faster than a home pregnancy test, by at least 4 days.

When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test for the most reliable result is after your first period is late. This will most likely avert false negatives and also the false positives from very early pregnancy loss.

If your cycle is irregular then you should wait till the extended period of cycle is over. For example, if your cycle can be extended by up to 6 days then take the test one or two days later if the period is missed.

What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Take The Pregnancy Test?

Since home pregnancy test are based on urine sample and your first pee in the morning usually produces most concentrated urine with more hCG percentage, morning is the best time to take the pregnancy test for more accurate result, especially if you are still within the range of your period or if your period is just 1-2 days late.

Taking pregnancy tests at other times in a day may provide false negatives due to inadequate hCG percentage in urine, especially if your period is not much late, or if you have been drinking a lot of water.

Since hospital pregnancy test is mostly based on blood test there is no preferred time of the day for the test. It can be conducted any time.


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