Urgent pediatric care can prevent bigger health issues in your child.

There may be a different opinion but as a parent can you really wait until tomorrow if your little one becomes sick or injured today evening? Or imagine, that you are disturbed that certain vaccination for your child is getting delayed due to your busy work schedule during the day time.

Little children are easy targets of viruses and bacteria that can rapidly develop health conditions in them because of their low immunity level. Experience has shown that it is wise to take your child to a pediatric as soon as possible once you notice a symptom in her.

But this is evening now, the pediatrician’s office is closed!

It’s a common situation that often leaves your child with pain and potential danger of developing a bigger problem and keeps you worrying through the night or the weekend. Of course, you will call your pediatrician first, to discuss your child’s needs; but what if he or she is unable to see you?

Fortunately, you now have the pediatric urgent care facilities that supplement the primary care practices for providing quality services at after-hours or during the weekends.

Find a center of ‘Urgent Care Texas’ in your neighborhood for all pediatric care services at the after-hours or even at the weekends. We provide specialized pediatric urgent care services that include all types of medical conditions that do not warrant visits to the emergency room.

Parents should have a fair idea about when to visit an urgent care facility and what conditions require visits to an emergency room. Most of the conditions of a child can be treated at an urgent care center while an emergency room service is required for the life-threatening conditions such as Severe asthma or pneumonia, Diabetic ketoacidosis, Traumatic injuries, Seizures, or Cardiac failure.

At the Urgent Care Texas, we foster an easy going and helping attitude and environment where you will be welcome even if you haven’t made an appointment, because we understand your urgency.

All our centers are equipped with up-to-date laboratories that help to diagnose fast without having to go elsewhere. We are also proud of our pediatric care specialists and qualified nurses who understand kids and can recognize their reactions to various conditions which are critical to diagnosing and treatment.

Below are some of the conditions that can affect children any time and can be treated at the Urgent Care Texas:

● Mild breathing difficulties
● Abdominal pain
● Vomiting, diarrhea, and associated dehydration
● Croup or sore throats
Bronchitis or pneumonia
● Infections of the ear, eye, skin, or urinary tract
Rashes, abscesses, or boils
● Sore throats
● Headaches and colds

Also, there can be some minor accidents as listed below, that are commonly faced by the children, treated at our centers

Insect or animal bites
● Bleeding, cuts, and lacerations
● Sprains & simple fractures
Sports-related injuries
● Foreign body removal
● Other non-life threatening pediatric diseases


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