Benefits of after-hours access to Primary Care Services

The difference between the primary care services and the urgent care services are increasingly getting blurred with the expanded gamut and value additions offered by the latter. At Urgent Care Texas, we offer a number of preventive and curative cares that are essential to managing patient’s health over an extended period of time, but with more flexibilities.

Primary care services at after hours

Are you forced to delay your general check-up, physical, or seeking a doctor’s advice just because you couldn’t make an appointment or the general hours are over today? Worry not, check for the nearest Urgent Care Texas center and drop in.

We understood the growing need for a variety of primary care and family care services beyond the frame of general hours and have thus geared ourselves up to offer the same. You’ll receive the same services at our facility as would have been provided by a primary care physician without long waiting time or confined schedules.

This is a great value addition to our normal range of services that includes all types of non-life threatening treatments of an emergency room, and together they enable us to offer a wide range of health cares to you at extended hours.

Irrespective of gender or age (from infant to very old), and whether it is needed for yourself or for your family, you can just walk into any of our centers, at your convenience and get your medical needs addressed today.

Some of the primary care services offered by us

Adult medicine

Full range of diagnosis, treatment, and guidance for problems common in adults such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, or other critical or chronic diseases. Experienced and board-certified physicians will provide quality treatment which will be aided by the tests done at the modern diagnostic equipment.

Illness prevention

Timely vaccination help prevent illnesses such as flu, cold, strep, tetanus, or meningitis. Visit an Urgent Care Texas center for vaccination today itself to avoid major disruption in your life. If you suspect that you may have got an illness, a visit to any of our centers can get prompt attention of a doctor.

Women’s health

We have experienced and Board certified practitioners( both male and female ) specialized in family medicines as well as women’s health and diseases. Some of the women’s conditions usually treated at our facility include:

  • ● Well-Woman Exam
  • ● Pregnancy Test
  • ● Pelvic Exam
  • ● Menopause Symptom Management
  • ● Urinary Tract Infections

Injuries and accidents

Not all your injuries are life-threatening and require an ER. Get your injuries diagnosed and treated at our facilities and avoid paying the hefty ER charges if they are found to be not life-threatening. Some of the injuries treated by us include:

  • Fractures of bones, cartilages, and tendons
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Whiplash
  • Joint pains, and more

Physical Exams

The full body tests, conducted at any of our centers, include the tests for heart rates, blood pressure, lipid profile, and other important tests. You can also visit us for the specialty physicals needed for DOT, immigration, employment, and executive exams.


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