Ensure Optimal Health with School and Sports Physicals Near You

In order for your child to attend school or play their favorite sport, they may need a school or sports physical. Scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor can take weeks and they may need the paperwork before they can enroll. You can cut down your wait time by scheduling an appointment or walking into our Dallas-Fort Worth area clinics. At our pediatric urgent care centers in Arlington, Coppell, & Keller,TX, we’re happy to help complete both sports physicals and school physicals. Here is a closer look at what may be required, what your child’s physical may entail, and how to prepare.

Is it the same thing as a well-child exam?
A school or sports physical is not a replacement for an annual wellness visit with your child’s primary pediatrician. A physical for sports fitness or school entry is much briefer and less detailed than a complete physical and because of its targeted nature, can miss or fail to address certain concerns. Consider this an additional service, not a replacement!
Can you vaccinate the child in case any shot has been missed?
If your paperwork requires that vaccinations be verified, you will need to bring proof of all vaccinations to the appointment. If we find that your child is behind on any of their recommended shots, we can give that shot too.
What do you check for in a sports physical?
During the appointment, the provider will look for any evidence that the child isn’t healthy enough to attend school or play their chosen sport. If a sports physical requires a urinalysis, we can complete that through our lab facilities. To prepare your child for the visit, talk to them about some of the common things that happen at a doctor’s office. We’ll listen to their heart and lungs, look in their ears, and check their joints and muscles for basic health. We’ll ask them some general questions about how their body feels; stress to your child that it is important that they be honest with us about how they feel. Schools require these physicals to make sure that kids will be safe at school and while playing sports. If there’s a problem, it is important for the school to be aware. If your child tries to hide something that is bothering them, such as pain or discomfort, they may be setting themselves up for more serious injuries in the future.

Don’t let lengthy waits at the primary care doctor’s office keep your child from playing sports or attending school. Let us help you get the paperwork straight. Call us today!