Stay healthy this flu season by getting your flu shot  at any Urgent Care of Texas locations! Walk in or call ahead to schedule an appointment!
Getting your shot before the start of flu season can make all the difference.

The flu comes with many lingering symptoms: aches and pains, fevers and chills, the symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, total exhaustion, and general misery. Once somebody has the flu, there’s little to be done but ride it out and unfortunately the symptoms often linger for weeks before completely going away.

What are some common flu concerns?
Doctors have begun to advocate strongly that everyone have a flu shot every year before flu season takes full swing. A quick visit to our nearest walk-in clinic in Arlington, Coppell, & Keller, TX can make all the difference.
I got a flu shot last year, do I need one again ?
Because the flu is caused by a virus and not bacteria, it mutates over time. This means that you can get the flu this year, despite having received the flu shot last year. The best practice against the flu is to get a flu shot every year.
I rarely get sick, should I bother with flu shot?
Yes! Even the healthiest of individuals have been known to suffer the flu. It’s better to be safe than sorry by getting the flu shot.
I heard you can get sick after taking the vaccine, is that true?
No. The flu vaccine uses a dead version of the virus that shows your body how to fight off the virus, but it is impossible to get the flu from the vaccine. The inhaled version of the vaccine uses a kind of virus that is alive but has been weakened, carrying a very small risk of you getting a milder version of the flu from the vaccination. This is why people with asthma, young children, and those who are most vulnerable should refrain from getting the inhaled version. The vaccination can (and should!) provoke a mild immune reaction, which can leave you tired and achy for a day or so. It’s still better than getting the flu!